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Redox Dentistry

Welcome to Redox Dentistry. This innovation in the field of oral-systemic health is made possible due to recent advancements in molecular biology which stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules and make them available in a supplement solution.


Redox biochemistry is the basis of life and illness within the body. Disease is caused by either too much oxidation or inflammation – or both. Health is created and maintained with a proper balance between reduction and oxidation (“Redox”). Proper cellular communication assures good cell functioning and gene expression. This is at the heart of the new field of epigenetics – how environment and ‘signaling’ affects DNA and core cell-health functions.

Redox molecules are made by mitochondria using the Kreb’s cycle – the respiratory chain. Redox signaling molecules direct gene expression, the immune system, cellular health, healing and regeneration. They selectively kill pathogens (bad bugs) and restore cell functioning to the way the cell was designed to function. Age, toxicity, and oxidative stress diminish and degrade mitochondria and signaling molecules over time – producing further illness, accelerated aging and cell death.

Recently scientists succeeded in stabilizing Redox signaling molecules. This creates new opportunities in medicine to use Redox supplements to improve cell health at the root-cause foundation level, as well as offer a new option for controlling bacterial pathogens. This is a perfect fit for dental healthcare – selective biocidal action against pathogens and enhanced cell and tissue health.


Redox dentistry is an advancement made possible through Redox Signaling Molecules applied to clinical dentisty. A growing number of dentists and hygienists concerned about the impact and effects of oral-systemic disease, are utilizing bioactive Redox molecules to improve bacterial reduction and cellular healing in the mouth, and to support health in the oral enviroment – and beyond.


Dr. Lee Ostler is the founder and developer of Redox Dentistry©. He and a growing team of like-minded health professionals encourage you to learn how the application of these new discoveries in your practice may help you advance oral health in your patients and provide them with new tools in their efforts to maintain good oral and general health.


Cellular breakdown is a fact of life. It’s caused by bacteria, radiation, toxicity and pollution, stress, poor nutrition, and age – to name a few. Healthy lifestyle or not, mitochondria diminish and become less effective over time. Current research shows that environmental factors can turn off genes and affect gene expression related to aging, healing, and cellular regeneration and health. This is the new science of epigenetics – the cellular and genetic signaling and instructions that direct healthy body functions and strong immune system.
Redox signaling molecules are created naturally in the cell by mitochondria and are responsible for all cellular communication, gene expression, transcription/translation, immune system functioning and more. In fact, nothing happens in the cell or beyond without signaling (intracellular communication) by these bioactive molecules. The problem is that as we age or experience disease, the cell’s ability to produce signaling molecules diminishes. Additionally, these molecules are fleeting – they come and go in microseconds and can’t live outside the cell. UNTIL NOW

“Redox signaling is a fundamental process inside our body that reduces and oxidizes (redox’s) the salt water and biomolecules inside us. It plays a fundamental role in cellular communication, helping the cells to optimally do what they are already programmed to do. It helps the body locate the damaged cells inside us, kill them or replace them and to better regenerate healthy tissue. Balanced compositions of reactive oxygen species (ROS) have shown … no negative side effects after 20 years of studies and can actually enhance the ability of the body’s antioxidants to protect healthy normal cells from damage and accelerate normal cellular regeneration.”

Dr. Gary Samuelson PhD – Medical Atomic Physicist and inventor of stabilized redox molecules

After decades of research, molecular biologists and medical physicists have developed stabilized Redox molecules that are shelf-stable and can be supplemented – thus restoring the cell’s ability to return to optimum function for health, healing and regeneration.
Redox Dentistry is a new application of redox biology to the clinical practice of dentistry. The discovery of stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules provides unique solutions that are useful in reducing oral bacteria and promoting better healing through enhanced cellular health. Redox biochemistry provides simple, non-toxic and effective ways to address cellular breakdown, and to not just mask the symptoms. It addresses the problems directly by attacking the problem at the source – the most basic root cause genetic level.
Redox biology represents interesting applications for oral-systemic healthcare. It creates new opportunities for dentists to improve oral and systemic health and build their practices. Bioactive redox molecules provide two powerful properties – safe selective biocidal activity against pathogens, and enhancement of cell signaling which improves tissue health and speeds healing. An added benefit is the systemic health improvement seen as redox molecules help cells everywhere repair and heal.

Oral Health & Dental Care

The dual function of selective biocidal action against pathogens and cellular signaling support, create unique advantages for using Redox signaling molecules.
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Redox Dentistry applications include:

  • Restorative care
  • Surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Oral Medicine
  • Periodontics
  • TMJ – Facial Pain

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